Dr Andrew Wakefield, victim of evil conspiracy

By Dr. Thurston Lowe

Dr Andrew Wakefield, the doctor that showed the world that the MMR vaccine causes autism, has been struck off the medical register by a kangaroo court at the GMC (Ghastly Mongoloid Cretins). After I picked myself up from a pool of my own tears and kicked the cat, I realized that the good Doctors fight against autism will carry on.

First of all, Dr Wakefield still has the support of literally many parents who are convinced that their child's autism was caused by the MMR vaccine. These parents saw that their children were developing fine, had the MMR, and the children went out like lights. Who needs 'scientific evidence' when you have parents who CARE about their children (unlike evil scientists fed by big pharma). How can all these stories be a coincedence?
It just so happens that you can support Dr Wakefield by buying a copy of his book, "Callous Disregard". I have yet to read it, but it's brilliant. It gets its title from "Callous disregard", a phrase the GMC used to describe the amazing Dr Wakefield's decision to collect blood samples from children at a birthday party. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Surgeries are scary places, surely it's better to do a medical procedure at a birthday party with cake, clowns and balloons? And the children got 5 each, surely that would make them happy!

The introduction to the book is written by Jenny McCarthy, which is an excellent choice. Again, why would you need to get approval from a scientist, when you have the support of a MOTHER, who is best placed to diagnose her own child? Dr Wakefield has done so much for Jenny and her children, I know that God will bless them both.

If you ever needed a 'doctor' who is the opposite of the lovely, cuddly Dr Wakefield, look no further than Paul Offit. He developed a vaccine against rotavirus, and made MONEY from it. How dare he do that? If you work, it should be out of the goodness of your own heart, any money you make is tainted by Satan himself. On top of this, Offit (or 'Profit' as I call him) has written a book about autism, even though he is in no way qualified to do so (he is not a paediatrician or a neuroscientist) and is clearly just writing the book to make even more money. He should die.

Of course, there will idiots who think that Wakefield did something wrong. But all they have is 'evidence', and we have the TRUTH!!!